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It is Wednesday morning and upon arrival at work you read an email notice that another worker who you liked was let go. While you feel for both the former employee and family, you continue to work when all of the sudden you hear what sounds like firecrackers, only to realize that the terminated employee has returned to the office with a gun and is shooting – this unfortunately has been a scene we have become all too familiar with.

As an owner of a company or organization, you might ask yourself what can I do to prevent this type of event? Well, the truth of the matter is, there is no guaranteed way to stop these types of events, however, you can be more resilient in the face of all types of disruptive events by implementing Organizational Resilience.

Organizational Resilience is the adaptive capacity of an organization, faced with complex and changing risks, threats and disruptive events, to be able to absorb impacts and continue operations with minimal disruption to its employees, stakeholders and the public. TRUSYS is an internationally recognized expert in Organizational Resilience and works with you to protect your value. Contact TRUSYS today and to speak with one of our Consultants and learn how TRUSYS can help your organization.

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