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TRUSYS to Conduct Workshop on Continuity of Operations

On December 2, 2009, John Gargett, R-SEC Professional and TRUSYS Principal, will be conducting a workshop for the Washington State Transportation Training Coalition in Everett, WA. This class will cover the basic tenants of Continuity of Operations, as well as introducing students to the concepts of T4 Operational Excellence (which is the framework for any organization doing risk, security, emergency and crisis management). The underlying principle is simple, consisting of teams of people, using proven organizational techniques, with current technologies, all brought together with regular training. The result will enable a transit agency to provide continued delivery of services and programs through any security, emergency, or crisis situation.

This class will benefit operations supervisors, safety managers, general managers, security personnel, maintenance managers, public information officers and anyone else who is involved in the continuity of operations before, during, or after an emergency.

For further information, including cost and registration, you can contact the Washington State Transportation Training Coalition by going to http://www.wsttc.org/calendar.asp?classid=179&bcid=2

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