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TRUSYS opens Netherlands office
January 3rd, 2012
In March of 2011, TRUSYS established a European branch office in The Hague. Netherlands. TRUSYS has been involved in consulting activities and executing projects in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia for international clients. These projects were typically managed out of TRUSYS’ USA or India offices. With the increase in European projects, it was time to establish a formal presence in Europe so Mr. Ryan Taylor, the founder and Principal of TRUSYS, Inc. and his wife Laurel, have moved to The Hague to expand the business.

TRUSYS chose The Hague due to its focus on Peace and Justice, Private and Public security, and the network of people and companies involved in the industry. The Hague is a logical choice due to its central location and easy access to other parts of Europe and beyond. In October, 2011, TRUSYS joined the Border Security Innovation Center (BIC) in The Hague. The www.bordersecurity.eu Innovation Center is an initiative co-funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Economical Affairs and the City of The Hague, to support collaborative use of commercial technologies in public and private security. “The BIC provides TRUSYS with several advantages that enables our company to hit the ground running as we take on this exciting venture in Europe”, says Mr. Taylor.

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