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This post was drafted a few days before the latest university shooting incident in California.  Unfortunately, it has become even more relevant.

Straying away from our usual blog posts we want to mention the play FrAcTured by Robinson Wilson playing at Vancouver’s Seacoast theatre.  Seacoast Studios students experiment with this play depicting a one year anniversary meeting of 13 high-school students who survived a shooting.  Crafted from research of over 200 school shootings the play reminds us as security and safety practitioners of the importance of our profession.

As the play progresses details of the shooting are revealed in a realistic scenario.  The survivors describe the emotions they lived during the incident and they share the long term consequences of this event on their lives, their school and their community.  Inevitably a number of social issues are raised like access to guns, faith, bullying and grief.  The emotional cost for these young lives is unmeasurable.

For us as security practitioners, the play reminds us that what we do is important and noble.  It goes far beyond the intellectual stimulation we get from devising elegant technical solutions.  We are challenged to measure exactly what we deliver from a positive perspective – it is only when we look at the negative consequences of failing to protect our people that we get a glimpse of the value we deliver – yet the value of our work is extremely high. 

This is a play that every CFO cutting security and safety resources needs to see. 

This is a play that every parent or board member voting down security and safety budgets needs to see. 

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