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About Us

Protecting Your Value

Every organization strives to deliver value to those they serve.  TRUSYS protects the value of our clients by addressing potential security risks that jeopardize our client’s operations.

TRUSYS offers a complete spectrum of security consulting, assessments, design and engineering services, providing specialized physical security expertise for organizations in any industry.

Comprehensive Security Programs

Whether working with new or existing sites, we design comprehensive and effective programs developed around specific countermeasures and industry best practices. 

A Balanced Approach

Effective risk mitigation requires a balance between physical, electronic and operational elements.  That’s why we design security elements to augment our client’s existing security program and support the success of their operations. 

Industries Served Since 2007

  Data Centers
✓  Retail
✓  Mining
✓  Critical Infrastructure

  Ports & Harbors
✓  Transportation
✓  Entertainment
✓  Government

  Law Enforcement
  Banking & Finance
  Commercial Real Estate
✓  Correctional Facilities
✓  Manufacturing
✓  Warehousing & Logistics

Our Methodology

Schematic Design
Detailed Design & Engineering
Tender/Bid Evaluations
Construction Administration